Thanks for your feedback

Dr. Landwehr speaks across the country as a lecturer and teacher focusing on dentistry, endodontics and oral pathology. We love to hear from those who attend his sessions so we can continue to refine the information we share and the manner in which we share it to ensure that your time with us is meaningful and relevant to the work you do each day. While we welcome all feedback, we’re especially pleased to receive notes such as this one from Dr. Jim Ferris, who attended a session on Efficient and Effective Endodontics in Iowa City earlier this year:

“I just returned home and did not want to delay expressing my appreciation for your presentation today. The content, delivery, and quality of this morning’s session were beyond compare. There are many presenters who boast their seminar will provide actionable information. Yours, however, exceeds this laudable goal by many degrees of magnitude. You have provided an understanding why techniques of the past sometimes fell short and set the stage for a springboard to better outcomes for our patients and our practices in the future.”